About AL ENMAA Company

About the company: AL ENMAA Company is one of Libyan Development and Investment Holding affiliates. It has been incorporated to effectively undertake the implementation of strategic projects related to the company’s activity through keeping pace with the ambitious development plan that will achieve sustainable development across Libyan regions. Thus, the company’s investment activities contribute positively to the developmental process. Moreover, the company is permitted to operate and manages its activities according to purposes and objectives stipulated in its statute. The company’s Main objectives are as follows:

• Operating and managing power stations and water desalination plants.
• installing and configuring power control and transmission equipments.
• implementing electric projects and setting power network lines of multi-loads.
• providing technical support , conducting studies on networks and investing in equipments of electric power transmission.
• implementing and installing power stations and power transmission plants , water desalination and drainage plants.
• undertaking and investing in implementing projects that serve the public and achieve the company’s purposes either locally or abroad.
• Importing and installing equipments, operational accessories, raw or refined materials related to the company’s filed in power stations, power control and transmission plants, water desalination and renewable energy.
• Providing training programs that are held for qualifying national workforce either inside Libya or abroad.
• Possessing fixed and movable properties required for running and operating the company’s businesses.
• Securing the financial resources required for running its activities, the company shall have the right to get into bank loans and facilities contracts with creditors.
• Getting into partnership and\or integrating into and\or buying and\or affiliate with other companies that operate similar businesses and acting as an agent for such firms.
• Importing all kinds of machines, vehicles and tools.
• Marketing either imported or locally-made equipments for local market.
• Operating and managing any other related works.


The company’s sub-goals:

• supplying the local market demand for projects of electricity and infrastructure and undertaking maintenance works.

• designing all electric projects and conducting related studies and quantity surveys.

• brining in international biggest companies.

• providing job opportunities.

• Increasing the competitive environment between local and global companies operate in this filed.

The company’s main goals:

• undertaking and investing in projects of power stations and power transmission and distribution either locally or abroad, as per related regulations.
• incorporating and\or getting into partnership with other companies and institutions, be either local or foreign companies, that operate related activities and help the company to achieve its goals.
• providing technical advices and conducting technical and feasibility studies.
• transferring, locally upgrading and manufacturing electric power technologies.
• concluding contracts with either local or international institutions, governments and any other entities for designing and conducting studies related to fields of electric power and environment.